Least-loved Christmas Sayings

Since we have started the Twelve Days of Blogging, I am pleased to offer you 12 of the least-loved Christmas sayings. You know what I mean, things that you don’t want to have to say or hear. Here’s a good example.

Especially with Christmas spelled as Chirstmas. The gif creator had one job to do. Sigh! Anyway, if you don’t believe that these sayings aren’t beloved, feel free to try one or two at your next Christmas gathering.

  • Don’t try the holiday punch. I think he stirred it with his “candy cane.”
  • Pass me an elf.
  • If that wasn’t figgy pudding, what was that I just ate?
  • Those aren’t reindeer on your roof. You’ve got rats in your attic.
  • My Yule log is sooo hot.
  • If you need to eventually get rid of the gift I got you because of leakage, just be aware that it is highly corrosive and illegal to dispose of in a landfill.
  • Every time a bell rings, an angel gets laid.
  • Trump is coming to Christmas dinner.
  • Grandma’s cookies smell like her denture adhesive.
  • Let me show you what it really means to have Santa come down your chimney.
  • That’s not eggnog on his pants.
  • The liquor store was out of beer and wine, so I just bought some myrrh.

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