A Free Story on the Ninth Day of Blogging

If you recall one year ago, I published a short story sequel to the beloved movie It’s a Wonderful Life called “Every Time a Bell Rings.” Unfortunately, my short story is quite irreverent and will never be as revered as the movie that spawned it. However, I was thrilled to see on Amazon that it had ratings.

It doesn’t bother me that one of the ratings is bad. In fact, I’m not surprised at the 1 star rating. If you believe that irreverence = bad writing, then you won’t like the story. If you also believe bad writing = bad writing, then you may not like the story. Anyway, it follows Clarence the angel as he gets called on the carpet for his actions during the movie. I’m working on another sequel, and I had hoped to have it ready by Christmas. I’ve enlisted some helpers to work on it to get it ready in time.

Let’s see how they’re doing.

Well, that’s not going to work. I could use Aritificial Intelligence to help write it. I saw this ad the other day.

Think of it. I could blog 10 times as much as I do now. I really don’t think anyone wants that, or that it’s in the best interest of our society. And it may turn out like this AI-generated story I blogged about. You may just have to wait for the new story. Will the wait be worth it? If you like dark, then it may be. This new story is dark, oh, so dark. I imagine the IAWL movie worshippers may not like this new sequel either. But it’s in my head and has to come out eventually, just like my novella about a parasitic twin running for President did.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read and left a rating and review for “Every Time a Bell Rings,” how about you read it for FREE and then leave a rating? It won’t take you very long, and I would very much appreciate more ratings and some reviews. So, starting Friday the 23rd and running through Tuesday the 27th, the story will be free to download on Amazon. Starting Friday, click HERE to access it on Amazon to read, rate, & review for FREE! If you want, you can also purchase it for 50 cents direct from me and my Published Works page. Scroll to the bottom to find it. What else is there to do this time of the year? Oh, right, Christmas. Well, I’m sure you can still find a little time to work my story in. I’ve heard you’ve been naughty, so it’s not like you’re going to have a lot of presents to open and enjoy.


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