Game Time

Do you want to play a game? My wife and I made signs for the pro-choice rally we attended today. Can you guess which one I made and which one my wife made?

It was an excellent rally, and the message was clear … VOTE! I wore the message proudly on my shirt and found a handmaiden with the same message …

In all seriousness, taking away reproductive rights from women is one of several parts of the Republican plan to subjugate all non-white males in America. By restricting voting rights for people of color, women’s reproductive rights, access to contraception, etc., the Republicans will create a larger welfare state that they can rail against and subjugate. Let’s not allow them to do that. Vote Democrat. Besides, just take a look at this fine Republican candidate.

Let’s see now … alleged adulterer? Check. Admitted wife beater? Check. Alleged murderer? Check. I think he checks all the boxes as an ideal Republican candidate for political office. I’d add the favorite line of Republicans, “Lock Him Up,” but that’s already been done.

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