Weight Loss Through FATSing

No, I didn’t misspell “fasting.” That’s FATSing, my trademarked and patent-pending weight loss scheme scam system. It’s not a diet. It’s a weight loss system. You see, after giving up a month ago on any significant weight loss this summer, I lost 3 pounds in June using my FATSing system. That puts me within 3 pounds of my original goal of losing 20 pounds set over a year ago.

FATSing stands for Fitness Awareness Testing System. And then I stuck an “ing” on the end for no apparent reason. The way the system works is this …

When I get hungry and want to eat, I take off my shirt, get to a mirror, and poke my belly. If I see something like this happening, then I grab a healthy snack rather than junk.

As for my steps, they poked their head above the 10K per day average line in June.

Combine 10K steps a day with my swimming across Lake Michigan and FATSing, and perhaps I can reach my weight loss goal later this summer.

If I do reach my weight loss goal, that will get me back to a weight I was at about 10 years ago when I tried the Atkins diet. I ate a lot of meat back then, and I definitely lost weight. However, I didn’t sweat at all. Instead, I oozed a yellow substance, likely LDL (bad) cholesterol. Except, it wasn’t when I exercised. It was all the time. Today is a lot different. I haven’t eaten red meat in years, and the yellow substance oozing is sporadic and minimized by my wife intermittently squeegeing the oozing from my brow. I believe she uses it for cooking instead of vegetable oil.

I’ll let you know if FATSing leads to any more weight loss in July.