Weight News Not Worth The Wait

There are those who experience some weight loss, can’t seem to lose any more, and accept that they may have to be comfortable at that weight. But who has 2 thumbs and won’t accept that?

That’s right. For the second month in a row, I have maintained weight but not lost any.

I know, and I agree. My dreams of losing 10 more pounds by the end of summer are gone. That is just unrealistic now. Maybe if I can try for a pound a month June through September, I can get to a slightly lower weight than at the end of last summer. Would that be cause to celebrate?

Yeah, that looks like an appropriate celebratory level. What makes it worse is that a dear friend decided to lose weight, tried Weight Watchers, and lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks. And it’s not like he was 600 pounds and could lose 20 pounds just by eating 23/7 rather than 24/7. He looked good with a little extra belly weight. It took me over 5 months last year, and I didn’t lose 20 pounds. If he’s any sort of friend, he’ll immediately put some weight back on for my benefit.

There is a theory about your body trying to maintain a specific weight setpoint. That may hold true for your body, but I think my body is always trying to set new record high weight setpoints. To get my body’s setpoint lowered, something must change. As the weather warms, my steps continue to increase. I averaged 9278 steps per day in May, and I should break 10K a day for the summer months.

My bike needs a bit of sprucing up like I do, so I am taking my wife’s bike and hitting the road.

Not like that. With her permission. She has been using a men’s bike, and she wants one that is a bit more comfy. Then we can ride more together … or walk?

I thought that was odd until I saw this …

Anyway, my wife and I may be able to bike more together, and I am definitely hitting the road more in June, so the cycling should add to my step totals. That should help lower my weight setpoint, as will swimming. The pool is up and I have been in for 2 straight days as air temps hit 90F/32C. But the pool water is still cool, and cold water swimming burns more calories, so my plan is to swim daily. Just 350 laps to the mile!

That’s a long way to go for a mile, and I have a long way to go to get to an ideal weight. I’ll let you know in a month if June workouts worked out.