QAnon Questions

So, where do QAnon conspiracy nutjobs go from here? I imagine them asking each other, “Can Trump still declare martial law AFTER Biden is inaugurated?” And to be clear, that’s MARTIAL law, not marshall law.

Oops! See what you did there, Marco?

No worries, just correct it.

Oh, boy. I’ve lived under marital law for over 30 years, and it is much better than martial law, at least for me. Your mileage may vary.

The rumor I heard this morning is that Trump may form a Patriot Party, and Lara Trump may launch a Senate primary challenge against Marco Rubio in 2022. First, I highly endorse the formation of a Trump-led Patriot Party. I encourage 50% of Republicans to vote for Patriot Party candidates.

As for Lara Trump vs. Marco Rubio for the US Senate in 2022, I absolutely endorse her third party candidacy in 2022. Go for it. Split that Republican vote right down the middle. Stick a knife in the back of the Republican Party and twist it until it stops squirming.

Back to Donald Trump, I doubt he will try and declare martial law (or marshall or marital law) after Biden’s inauguration. He’s not that dumb. (He’s not, is he?) But as bank loans come due, Melania’s divorce settlement is negotiated, and post-presidency lawsuits pile up, I see him declaring something else again, I think for the seventh time. Sound advice from Creed Bratton follows …