Holiday Eats

Today is the eighth day of my Twelve Days of Blogging, and Christmas leftovers in the house are running low, unlike my weight because of the Christmas leftovers. It’s a vicious cycle. My wife made some special sandwiches for Christmas Eve, and I was looking forward to this on Christmas Day …

Until I saw the whole dish …

No worries though. We had deep-dish Chicago-style pizza on Christmas Day, and it was magnificent.

We traditionally don’t do anything special mealwise for New Year’s Day because of inevitable diet resolutions made for the new year. However, Easter will arrive before we know it, and those diet resolutions will be long abandoned and kicked to the curb. I am looking forward to Easter, because we may all have been vaccinated against COVID by then. Then we can get together and celebrate the true meaning of Easter …


Editor’s Note: No cats were cooked in the making of this blog post.

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