Why Do Republicans Support Trump? Mystery Solved!

Why Republicans support Trump has confounded me over the past 4 years. Seemingly intelligent family and friends blindly follow Trump regardless of what idiocy he spouts or does. It is truly bewildering. But I’ve finally solved the mystery, thanks to Facebook.

I noticed this Facebook challenge that one of my Facebook friends did.

Triangle D

That Facebook friend is a staunch Democrat, hence the blue D. Okay, I’ll admit it. 24 is not the correct answer. There are 18 triangles. How can I be sure? I used to be a math major in college, I’m an annoying smarty-pants, and in my spare time, I enjoy looking at brightly colored geometric shapes for hours on end. 18 is the correct answer.

Now take a look at how a loyal Republican answered.

Triangle R

7? How is that possible? Just a quick glance reveals 10 without any effort. The polite takeaway for me is that Democrats have much more vision. We can see more possibilities. We take the time to see more than what is visible at first glance. We imagine and strive for more. We don’t settle for less than what is possible, except when it comes to Medicare for all. Cap tip to Bernie Sanders for leading the discussion in that direction.

The impolite takeaway requires math again. Who knew blogs would be so math-intensive? Take the 18 Democratic triangles I saw and divide that by the 7 Republican triangles and the result is 2.57. For the sake of any Republican readers, I’ll try and simplify. 7 guzinta 18 over 2 times. For any Republicans still struggling, think American football. 1 touchdown and extra point equals 7 total points. 2 touchdowns and extra points yields a score of 14 points. 18 is larger than 2 touchdowns and extra points.

No matter how you look at the math, the conclusion I come to is that Democrats are over 2 times smarter than Republicans. And even when we are wrong (24), we see more possibilities, not less. That explains a lot. Democrats can see through Trump’s lies and see him as the brutal, heartless criminal that he really is. Consider the mystery solved! As for a solution, it is obvious. Democrats need to vote in the November election. But let’s make sure we vote for 18 and not 7 or 24. No Trump. No Green Party. Vote Biden and Democrat all the way.

8 thoughts on “Why Do Republicans Support Trump? Mystery Solved!

  1. there are only 4 triangles: the top 3 plus the outer boundary. Triangles have 3 sides. All the other geometric shapes have 4 sides.


  2. Anyone (democrat or Republican) can see that their are 18 triangles. Divide up the portions that are not triangles as they appear and also count the ENTIRE figure and you will get 18 triangles. I’m a staunch Republican and I got the correct answer BEFORE READING THE ARTICLE.

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    1. I hope you realize the Dems vs GOP stuff was all tongue-in-cheek. Lots of smart Republicans out there. Too many! And if you are a Republican, you sure did find the wrong blog. But we welcome you. Enjoy the Sunday morning Mite Be Funny cartoon. ☮️


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am grateful for your question and comment and am happy to address both. As for the evidence, I make it up. Yes, that is a ridiculous conclusion. We agree! I hope you explore this blog further for more ridiculous conclusions. As for lefties, I am not one, but I can’t argue with you that they are always wrong.


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