Twitter is Exhausting

Don’t follow me on Twitter, please, not like any sane person would have any interest in doing that. I use Twitter to keep up on the latest Trump Resistance conspiracy theories and rage against Trump’s nonsensical tweets. I did get a kick out of engaging in some Twitter communication with my all-time favorite DJ just last weekend when he tweeted out that he was featuring music from 1982 on his Saturday morning show.


I think that’s what Twitter was supposed to be. Instead, we get idiotic Trump tweets like these …

Trump Tweet MAGA KAG

Come on dummy, pick a lane. Either you still have to make America great, or it is already great and you want to keep it that way. When I rage tweet in my usual snarky way in response to Trump’s tweets, that’s when I get some attention and blowback from MAGAts. I never lose a Twitter battle with a MAGAt because, well, they’re typically not very bright. I’m tenacious (and obnoxious) in my defense, and I consider it a win when my Twitter adversary blocks me.

What I have a real problem with is when one of my overly clever tweet replies gets some interest. Like this one …


My tweeted reply isn’t even clever, yet my phone starts blinging to announce people liking, retweeting, and replying. It is way too much work and simply exhausting. I was happy when that one ran it’s course. The only benefit of Twitter is that I have made a handful of Twitter friends from the Trump resistance that I will never meet and therefore never have to buy them Christmas or birthday presents. And then there’s the Trump conspiracy theories. It’s worth it to stay in Twitter just for those, but please don’t like, retweet, or reply to my comments about them. It’s too much work.




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