I’m Being Followed

I’m not yet very experienced in Twitter. I’m in the process of emerging from my Facebook chrysalis, and my Twitter wings are still wet. So when I saw that it looks like I’m being followed on Twitter by one of the most ruthless mobsters from the most famous crime family in the USA, I was not pleased. I didn’t panic. I didn’t delete all my tweets. I did clean out my 401K, but that was simply to pay a delinquent gas bill. Sorry, but just not a dedicated saver here and the weather is downright cold.

This is the Twitter notification I saw that sent chills through my body, or maybe it was that our gas heat had been shut off for going on 3 days now. Twitter Follow Trump

Uh-oh. That sure looks like the Orange Mobster that rules the USA with a crooked, but tiny, iron fist. I clicked the name. Whew! It is a parody account @realDonaldTrFan, and a funny one, too. Just take a look at some recent tweets.

Trump Parody Account

Wait a second. Misspellings? Check. Lots of capitalized words? Check. Misunderstandings of basic life concepts? Check. Grammar & punctuation abused? Check. Maybe this is the real Donald Trump that is following me after all. Just in case, I followed back. Always keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Now where is that gas bill …