Twitter > Facebook? Um, Maybe Not.

I have purged my Facebook successfully of all ridiculous, right wing, conspiracy theory posts. I just don’t see them anymore. I now see all sorts of cute kitty and animal videos.

kitty cute

Now there’s a clickbait gif if I ever saw it. I still get new Facebook friend requests daily from people I don’t know, but it is easy enough to delete those.

I thought Twitter would be better than Facebook. Then I see a tweet like this …

Schitt Tweet

That’s Congressman Adam Schiff with an ‘ff’ at the end of his name that Trump is referencing. The supposed Leader of the Free World stoops to 3rd grade humor (my apologies to 3rd graders) in Twitter. Sure, the ‘t’ and the ‘f’ are close on the keyboard. Sure, it is possible that it was a typo. If so, DELETE THE TWEET. Still it remains.

Twitter for me is getting out of hand. I just got an email from Twitter saying I needed to check my 249 notifications to a snarky comment I made. No thanks. I can’t deal with the Twitter popularity. I can deal with the random Facebook friend requests. Sorry, but I just can’t deal with 249 Twitter notifications from strangers. Oh well, back to Facebook …

kitty cute brush