Justice is a Fantasy

I had planned on renaming my family league’s 0-5 winless fantasy football team this week  from the Baby Blimps …

Baby blimp

to the Losingest Losers of Loserville. I swear I have played fantasy football before, and even won the league last season. Whatever could be distracting me?

For the Losingest Losers of Loserville, I could have used this team logo …

Trump family creepy

But I didn’t want to drag Tiffany into this. Frankly, I’m surprised that this wasn’t the photo the Trump crime family allowed to be published.

Trump family creepy hat

And I didn’t want to have to look at Trump’s mug for the whole week as I pored over my line-up choices which seems to range from bad to worse.

I had considered this photo as the logo for the Losingest Losers of Loserville …

Trump kids creepy

For the love of God, someone please stop Eric Trump from trying to smile.

But again, I didn’t want to subconsciously avoid tending to my team’s many needs this week due to that disturbing photo. And also Losingest Losers of Loserville exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed for a team name. So much losing.

So I went back to Bart O’Kavanaugh for inspiration, and came up with the team name of Supreme Injustices. Here is the logo …

Injustice crop

And I’m not boofing spoofing you on this one. This is my FFFFFFFreakin’ team logo for the week. Ugh, looking at all these pics makes me want to join the Beach Week Ralph Club, due to my sensitive stomach, of course.