Cold Man Walking

I have lost weight this past year, about 10 pounds. Who knew that a combination of exercise and a sensible diet would result in weight loss? I still have 10 pounds to go, but they will have to wait until Spring as I prepare to face the upcoming gauntlet of holiday tables of gluttony with less exercise.

holiday buffet table

We are all fatter just from looking at that picture. I should just increase my exercise, but it looks like it may decrease. Here’s why.

It’s Winter! Yes, after a very mild Fall that extended past Thanksgiving into December, Winter has finally settled in here. I left for a business trip to St Louis this past week with the temperature in the Roy Moore comfort zone (in the teens), enjoyed a couple days with the temperature hitting 50, and then returned to Chicago with the temperature back in the teens. This has been me since I have returned.

shivering constant

While I did some running, biking and swimming throughout 2017, most of my exercise was walking.


Excellent exercise for weight loss. But then Winter arrives.

shivering murray

And then this becomes me walking …

walking falling

If you think the solution is simple and that I should join a gym, then you don’t know me at all. I can barely force myself to go for a walk, let alone get dressed, pack a gym bag, scrape the ice off the car windows, drive to a gym, exercise, shower, get dressed again and then return home. That is not happening. So I will be walking outside in the mornings …

shivering cold

… and then trying to warm up while I work the rest of the day.

shivering work

That is, unless I have stumbled upon a brilliant solution. It is about a half mile walk to my old office/warehouse building. I should be able to make it there somehow.


That may not work as my dogs are smaller.


That’s about right. But I should be able to walk there. And once I get there, I have measured that 16 lengths of the inside corridor of that building equals 1 mile. I’ll be able to walk or run in warm, cozy comfort. And just take a look at the scenery down the corridor.


Maybe from the other direction is a better view …


Oh, that’s so much brighter with less garbage on the floor. So that’s my exercise plan for the winter. Then again, temps in Chicago today in mid-December are forecast to break 40 degrees under bright, sunny skies. And my young daughter is slated to be away from home today. That sounds like a great day for my wife and I to go take a walk together along the beach.

Leslie Nielsen Clothesline

Good times ahead in Winter in Chicago.