Meat The Nominee


Donald Trump’s choice to be the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist, Sam Clovis (not a scientist) has withdrawn himself from consideration for the position in light of his recent testimony to Robert Mueller’s investigative team and grand jury regarding his time as a member of the Trump campaign.

Sam Clovis

However, in an unprecedented break with Clovis, deciding to remain in consideration for the position at the Department of Agriculture are the jowls and throat wattle of Clovis. A spokesperson for Clovis’s jowls and throat wattle released a statement saying, “A meaty position like this at the USDA requires a similarly meaty candidate, and the jowls and throat wattle of Sam Clovis certainly meat <wink> that criteria.”

This would indeed be a rare occurrence if jowls and a throat wattle are considered for such a choice, meaty position, and if confirmed, it would be a job well done. Gawd, I’m hungry for a steak now.

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