C and D List Musicians on High Alert

It appears that Team Trump can’t entice any musicians to perform at Trump’s inauguration concert. Now I am sure that strong Trump supporters Kid Rock and Ted Nugent could be talked into performing, but even Team Trump may be wary about rolling out those maniacs that are a few notes short of a treble clef.

Scott Baio is a strong Trump supporter and did cut a self-titled album …



Hey, how about a smile Scott? Your guy won, kinda’. Maybe he’s sad about getting the same cold shoulder treatment as Giuliani, Gingrich & Christie, oh my. Best he has been offered is a junior administrative position at the Rwandan Embassy. Please take it Scott.

Baio’s follow-up album may generate a little more interest from the Trump camp …


That’s the winning Baio smile we were looking for. Maybe he’s smiling because “The Boys Are Out Tonight.” Hey Scott, put the “boys” away, zip up and get your setlist ready. You may be headlining!

To solve this booking dilemma, Team Trump has engaged Suzanne Bender, former talent booker for “Dancing With The Stars” to ink some musical talent. Really? Uh-oh, that means C & D List celebrity musician phones are chirping out their one hit from twenty years ago.  Maybe we’ll get to see some former “Dancing With The Stars” contestants perform. How exciting would it be to see Billy Ray Cyrus, Joey Fatone, or Vanilla Ice sing for the Trump coronation? Can we call a toll-free number to vote them off the concert schedule before they perform?

Maybe contestants on Trump’s old show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” could be enticed to perform? How do Debbie Gibson, Tia Carrere or La Toya Jackson grab you? I know how Trump would grab them.

I think the solution is simple. Team Trump can book anyone they want. Just don’t watch. It will be good practice for the next 4 years.