Mite Be Funny #206 – Special Post-Inauguration Multi-Panel Edition


Trump is Making Satire To Difficult

Sure, there is no doubt that I would have taken Trump’s official inauguration poster offered by the Library of Congress for $16.95 and altered it for comic effect. Blacked-out tooth, bald head, Alfred E. Neuman’s face, spelling error, etc. were all viable comical possibilities guaranteed to have my readers rolling on the floor with laughter as they typically do when reading any of my posts. If you are not doing that, please start. You don’t know what you are missing. That helps make my posts seem much funnier than they actually are.


Anyway, as you can plainly see, my handiwork was rendered unnecessary as Team Trump took the wheel and steered their inauguration poster directly into a brick wall with a basic spelling error. If you cannot find it, please stop reading this blog and head immediately to the Breitbart site, or better still, turn on Fox News where the ability to read is optional and actually a detriment to the enjoyment of their “news.” You will feel much more comfortable in your new destination.

There is not much I can really do as once again Trump’s reality trumps whatever I had planned in the way of a satirical rendering. I guess I could add some punchlines:

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C and D List Musicians on High Alert

It appears that Team Trump can’t entice any musicians to perform at Trump’s inauguration concert. Now I am sure that strong Trump supporters Kid Rock and Ted Nugent could be talked into performing, but even Team Trump may be wary about rolling out those maniacs that are a few notes short of a treble clef.

Scott Baio is a strong Trump supporter and did cut a self-titled album …



Hey, how about a smile Scott? Your guy won, kinda’. Maybe he’s sad about getting the same cold shoulder treatment as Giuliani, Gingrich & Christie, oh my. Best he has been offered is a junior administrative position at the Rwandan Embassy. Please take it Scott.

Baio’s follow-up album may generate a little more interest from the Trump camp …

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