It’s “Snow” Wonder Muslims Are Targeted

A group of Muslims went around Calgary neighborhoods on Christmas Day to clear snow from driveways and sidewalks, while leaving flowers and chocolates with the homeowners, according to this CBC News report …

From the picture, I can clearly see why anti-Muslim sentiment continues to be on the rise in Calgary.


You call that a clean driveway? You can barely see any pavement showing through the snow. I have refused to pay 9 year olds for this kind of “shoveling” on my driveway.

And what about the flowers and the chocolates? There already is a leaf off of this rose!!!


Where is the proof of chocolates provided? Are there no pics of the supposed chocolates? For all we know, it could be maple-flavored chocolate, one of the most unholy flavor combination abominations on this planet. Of course, we are talking about (or is that aboot?) Canada, and maple is the national flavor (273 Canadians reported with tongues stuck frozen to maple trees on Christmas Day 2016). Alright, so what if they are handing out those chocolates with shredded coconut inside? Creepy, and likely subversive.

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day in Canada. If Calgary Muslims keep up this shoddy shoveling work, Boxing Day may become quite literal for them and net them a left hook to the chin from owners of still snowy driveways. 2 words for you Muslim do-gooders helping your neighbors with backbreaking acts of kindness … salt & scrape!

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