Pence Out … Familiar Name In

In a blockbuster move designed to salvage his flagging political career, we hear that Mike Pence has withdrawn from the Republican Presidential ticket. After ruining Indiana with his cretinous, archaic policies, Pence took his political hate show on the road nationally as Donald Trump’s running mate/sidekick/accomplice/apprentice troll. It was never a good fit as Trump’s bloated ego could not handle that the general public seems to prefer the hate-filled Pence to the Orange Goblin Trump.

Sources tell us that Trump has already chosen a Pence replacement, and it is a familiar political name … Bush.

No, not Jeb! Bush.

please clap

Aw, shoot. That would have been fun. Maybe even more fun will be Cousin Billy being added to the Trump ticket.


Yes, that Billy Bush from the Trump video fame will be added to the Trump ticket. The reworked Trump – Bush logo has been leaked.


The new running mates are reportedly set to make their first public appearance together tomorrow at a 2017 Hooters calendar shoot in south Florida that will also feature a Hot Wings Eatin’/Hot Legs Lookin’ Contest where Trump and Bush will be celebrity judges.


Now this is the kind of campaign we were all looking for him to run. No more questions about issues that he knows nothing about, just good times on the road with Billy Bush. Fire up the party bus!  This may be the turning point in the Trump campaign where he pivots and runs a campaign more true to his nature. Kind of ironic that it took a Bush to change him.



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