Repost of Yorn Yule Tune & All New 2021 Content

As I find myself woefully unprepared for Christmas once again, I harken back to advice crooner Pete Yorn gave us 2 Christmases ago – calm the hell down. Read on.

Christmas can be a fun time, but also a very stressful time. There are gifts to buy, MAGA relatives to rub shoulders with, and decorations to put up outside often in less than ideal conditions. But Pete Yorn is back with some sage advice for this season.

Where’s Yorn been since he captivated us musically a decade ago with lyrical tales of his “Strange Condition?” Well, he’s been making music, but just not super memorable. This new tune from his 7th album may not be memorable, but it excellent advice to just calm the hell down.

If you aren’t calm after listening to that tune, then there’s something seriously wrong. Calm down. The gifts will get wrapped. The tree will be trimmed. You’ll get to go a-Wassailing, whatever that is. Ask Uncle George in his MAGA hat about his health. He won’t have time to talk about Trump. He’ll be too busy talking about his gout and the root canal he needs and the fried foods he can’t eat anymore because his cholesterol is too high and … well, you get the idea. When he’s done, just tell him to calm down because he looks great. Okay, that’s probably a lie. What is that spot on his head? But, what the hell, it’s the holidays. Maybe that Christmas lie will help him enjoy a Merry Christmas, like all of us will if we just calm down.

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How about some more Christmas tunes? I’m a sucker for female vocals, so I love the Christmas album from the Roches. Take a listen to this excellent arrangement, great vocal harmonies, and Mark Knofleresque guitar accompaniment.

RIP Maggie Roche.

Here’s an upbeat ditty from JD McPherson singing about Christmas gifts.

That is one fun rockin’ Christmas tune in an album full of great songs.

For me, it’s just not Christmas unless I hear the Christmas Jug Band recounting the tale of Santa losing a ho. Here’s an excellent live version … that was recorded, of course. Just to clarify, the band is not waiting for you to click the link so they can play it live just for you. What would happen if 2 people click the link at slightly different but concurrent times? Anyway, enjoy this recording of a live performance.

And last night, while watching a holiday episode of Bob’s Burgers, I listened to a cut from an imaginary album that I wish existed. Maybe you will, too.

Percy McTinsel-Bud, where are you when Christmas needs you the most?


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