Taking the Temperature of the 2020 Election

This is a big story, if true.

This story about thermometers throwing the election to Joe Biden got the investigative team at Jim Flanigan Looks at the World whipped into a fever pitch. I took the temperature of the team on this subject. Opinions were running hot and cold over whether we should delve behind the facts to generate reckless stories full of conjecture and speculation. My mercurial views were ignored, and cooler heads prevailed.

Fresh out of temperature references, we assigned our top two Jim Flanigan Looks at the World investigative reporters to the story.

After exhaustive research, they came to the conclusion that that’s not how thermometers work, and that Trump ally can shove his vote fraud claim up his ass, which is actually how some thermometers work.

If you are not tired of political stories based on conjecture and speculation, then you’ll love my political novella titled My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President, telling the untold and untrue story behind the 2020 Republican Iowa Caucus. Click this link to order from Amazon for under a buck!


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