Post-Election Disappointment

I attended my first monthly meeting as an elected Township Trustee. I have been somewhat disappointed. While I discovered that I now have an official nameplate which is very nice, I learned that I will NOT be receiving any of the following:

  • Badge
  • Uniform
  • Cap
  • Gun

The disappointment is hard to hide, so I don’t even try. I openly weeped through most of the monthly meeting. But then, my spirits were lifted when this arrived for me …

YES! The official magazine of township officials of Illinois. I opened it up and saw my future.

Except, I think the Republican members of St. Charles Township government (that would be all the rest) will not be giving me a plaque when I retire, although they have been tolerant of me and nice up to this point.

And this on the back cover intrigues me.

Members only! Sounds exclusive. Count me in. Maybe a badge will come with membership. I can only hope and dream.


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