Vary Your Workouts

It’s important to vary your workouts to keep them interesting. I have some wonderful walking routes that take me down paths to creeks, through the woods, and over hill & dale. However, Dale always complains when I walk over her.

But this morning, the thought of trodding the same paths bored me. I decided to take a couple normal paths through prairie and woods, but then come home via the local business park. Wow, doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, it didn’t disappoint as the first interesting thing I saw was the miracle of life taking place. I took this picture …

That’s a rather large mama snapping turtle laying her eggs. It happens every year about this time. Turtles come up from the pond nearby and lay eggs among the landscaping in the business park. The young turtles hatch, have no idea where to go, refuse to ask for directions (mostly the males), and many get squished in the business park’s parking lot. When I used to rent a warehouse for my business there, I would do a turtle rescue where I would gather up lost hatchlings and toss them into the pond. I’ll have to plan to walk through the business park over the next couple weeks just in case some turtles need rescuing and tossing.

Shortly after leaving the turtle, I came upon this good news …

The mulberries are ripening. Foraging season should be in full swing by the end of this week. No longer will I have to pay exhorbitant prices for fresh berries in the stores. Between mulberries, raspberries, gooseberries, and blackberries, I should not have to pay for any berries until late October.

And if I do have to pay for berries, I can use this that I found while walking in the business park …

That’s right, one quarter of a US dollar found in the business park. I have to admit that walking through the business park is not as scenic (unless the fitness place holds their aerobics class outdoors) as walking through more natural areas, but it was just as healthy and definitely more lucrative.

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