New Music For Old Rockers & Forgotten One-Hit Wonders – Combo Heat Wave Edition

It’s been very hot in Chicagoland, especially out west where we live. We’ve had a stretch of heat with highs daily around 90F/32C. And this weekend, we have 2 outdoor parties. How will I cope with the heat? Two words – crop top.

A nice bare midriff will keep me from being a Hot Child in the City, which just happens to be the name of our Forgotten One-Hit Wonder by Nick Gilder.

It’s kind of a mess of a music video about the exploitation of teenage runaways. I’m not a big fan of the song either. I just included it because of the heat theme. No wonder this feature doesn’t normally get many likes. The real point to this post is this newish song …

Okay, so this Glass Animals song is admittedly almost a year old, but here’s why I included it as a “new” song.

  • It is finally getting some local Chicago radio airplay now. Better late than never, right?
  • Their recent Billboard Music Awards appearance as shown in the video got them some exposure with newer fans.
  • The original music video was released at the end of June last year, so the lyrics referencing heat waves in the middle of June really only first applied this summer.
  • It’s my blog.

Well, that wraps up the one and hopefully only combo edition of Forgotten One-Hit Wonders and New(ish) Music For Old Rockers, two of my least-liked blog features. I am curious if this combination of two traditionally unpopular features will make this post twice as unlikable or maybe increase its likability by 50%. Either way, it’s going to be hot tomorrow, and I plan to stay cool. Hmmm, maybe there’s one more fashion idea for me to ponder …

I’ll have to check my wife’s closet.

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