Slow Down

I needed a break this morning. I have been cycling hard every morning to get in shape so I can deliver to my precinct via bike the Democratic voting guides once they get printed. Democratic leadership wanted to wait to print the guides until after Biden picked a VP. They really could have printed them months earlier. The ticket could have been Biden & ‘A Bit of Moss on the Side of a Tree in the Depths of a Forest’ and Democrats would still have voted for him. I do like the addition of Senator Kamala Harris as VP. Speaking of addition, I think Biden + Harris = 93. See what I did there?

Back to cycling, I felt I needed a day off. I decided to take a shorter, slower cycle to check on a blackberry patch that should have been just about spent. It was, although by slowing down I was able to spot a few stragglers that I picked for the freezer. It’s been a good berry-picking season.

I cycled a bit further and came upon a field of these beauties …

I thought these lovelies towering over me were a sort of sunflower, but I checked using my phone app and identified it as a cup plant. Despite it being a native plant in the US, it is now classified as an invasive species. That sounds wrong. Sounds to me like we’re the invasive species.

I slowed down to a complete stop to spend a bit of time looking at a local creek. The water level is down, so the exposed rocks provide some additional detail, texture, and nuance to the creek flow.

I probably won’t make my 10K steps/cranks today, but it was nice to slow down and stop to smell the cup plants for a change.