Twin Twin Books

I thought I was safe telling everyone to search for “parasitic twin” on Amazon when looking for my novella called My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President.


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What could possibly go wrong? Well, this could …

Parasitic Twin Books

That’s right, a second parasitic twin book. Take a look at the description.

Parasitic Twin Alternate Book

Murder, horror, disturbed, lethal, bloody, insane, nightmare, & inner demons are all words used to describe the book as well as problems discussed weekly with my psychoanalyst. Unfortunately, you can see the alternate Parasitic Twin book is not available, just like solutions are not available to the problems discussed weekly with my psychoanalyst.

But there may be a solution for all your problems. Click to buy My Parasitic Twin Wants to be President.  After reading it, you may be leaving reviews like the following …

“I’ve been reading this book over the past 72 hours and already 3 days have passed.”

“I feel so much better about my use of grammar and spelling after reading this.”

“More words than your typical recipe.”

“I haven’t had this much fun reading anything since the last time I had fun reading something.”

Make sure to leave your own review after you purchase and read it that will encourage others to purchase since ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES AND CAUSES.