Notes from Debate #1B

This one kept my interest more, especially with four heavy-hitters in the debate. Here is what I saw and heard.

Andrew Yang – No tie and swearing during the debate nets him an immediate disqualification.

John Hickenlooper – Funny last name during the debate nets him an immediate disqualification.

Michael Bennet – Seems like a real nice guy with whom to have a beer, but not to vote for as President. We did learn he no longer has a prostate.

Kirsten Gillibrand – Senator Shouty from New York. I’m not sure if she or if fellow New Yorker Bill de Blasio from the night before was more annoying. Let’s ask Al Franken what he thinks.

Marianne Williamson – Smart woman with good ideas … until she closed the debate threatening to defeat Donald Trump by harnessing love. Peace out.  

Eric Swalwell – Love this guy for President … in 2036. He did goad Joe Biden into agreeing to buy back assault weapons.

Bernie Sanders – I thought this was a debate for Democrats. Loved this guy for President … in 2016.

Pete Buttijudge Butedgedge Mayor Pete – Spoke both Spanish and English very well. Inspiring at times. I would vote for him for VP.

Joe Biden – I still like Uncle Joe. He got picked on mercilessly by other candidates, as he should expect to be as the front-runner. I think he still did well and showed some fire and spirit for an old fart. If he gets the nomination, he MUST get a Senator Harris, Klobuchar, or Warren on the ticket as VP. Biden/Harris would be unbeatable. His closing comment was awesomely strong and inspiring.

Kamala Harris – She brought what I can only describe as presidential passion to the debate. Harris/Mayor Pete ticket anyone?

Here’s hoping there is only one night of debates in July. I missed a concert due to last night’s debate. That is totally unacceptable and must be corrected before July.