I hope you had a good Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. I took some of the day off, and I hauled my 10 year old and her friend to an arcade where they could pretend they were somewhere else, anywhere else than with me, until it came time to recharge their gaming cards.

10 at d&b

Also today, Donald Trump and Mike Pence surprised everyone with an unscheduled visit to take a minute to lay a wreath at the memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King. That was it. A minute. No words. No service projects. One quick wreath. The house cartoonist for Mad Dog PAC, @repeat1968, offered up this cartoon on Twitter to perfectly memorialize the event.

trump mlk day

It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Well done, @repeat1968.

I did get to experience my first Impossible Burger when we ordered lunch. I’m a pescatarian. I eat fish, but no beef, pork or poultry. It is kind of ironic since I will eat what we keep as pond pets. The menu was a bit limited for me, so I rolled the dice and tried yet another vegetarian burger called the Impossible Burger, keeping my expectations low as all veggie burgers had to that point disappointed me. After one bite, I called the waiter over since I was sure what I was eating was a beef hamburger, or at least a beef hamberder. It smelled like a beef hamburger. It tasted like a beef hamburger. It had the consistency of a beef hamburger. Nope. The waiter told me it happens all the time. The Impossible Burger is a 100% vegetarian burger.

At this point, if I was smart, I would insert an affiliate link for you to purchase a case of Impossible Burgers, with some money from each sale trickling my way. However, it looks like the only way one can purchase Impossible Burgers is a case of 20 pounds for an outrageous price.

impossible burgers

I can’t expect people who read this blog for free because they can’t afford an online subscription to the NY Times to pay almost 300 bucks for meatless burgers. At that price, I would expect filet mignon.

But as I further researched the Impossible Burger, I see it is now offered at White Castle locations. Finally, I now have a reason to head back to White Castle and actually get a good veggie burger with their most excellent onion rings.

This post has gone from MLK Day to arcade fun back to MLK Day to Donald Trump to a cartoon to vegetarian burgers to affiliate links to White Castle. Hmm, ADD much? Maybe I should borrow some of the Adderall that Trump allegedly snorts.

A good way to end this scattered post on a high note is with the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Speak up. Speak out. Speak for those that can’t or are too afraid to speak for themselves. Speak with words and without words. Speak about things that matter. Speak.

Thank you Dr. King.