Trump Twitter Test

My wife does not use Twitter. My wife does not like Donald Trump. She seemed to me to be the perfect person to try my first Trump Twitter Test.

I refuse to follow Donald Trump on Twitter or anywhere else, but I do check in on him from time to time. I do follow a Donald Trump parody account that amuses me to no end.

So the test I prepared was to present my wife a parody Trump tweet and a real Trump tweet to see if she could identify parody vs. real. Would you like to play, too?

I have prepared the 2 tweets so they present very similarly. Ready? Here’s #1.

Trump Tweet Private Ryan

Here’s #2.

Trump Tweet Farm Bill

I can’t figure out how to embed this video so it will play without giving away the real vs. parody answer, so I will explain that it is an actual video from the Emmy Awards of Trump singing the theme to Green Acres off-key.

Okay, so you have 2 Trump tweets. One is from a parody Trump Twitter account. The other is from the real Trump Twitter account. Your challenge is to identify which is which. Ready? Go.


Do you have an answer? Which is real Trump? Which is parody Trump? So you don’t look ahead and cheat like some people we know,

Trump cheating voting

we have another page for you to click through to get the answer. Sorry, but I am afraid you can’t be trusted not to cheat if you are reading this blog.

My wife correctly guessed that #1 is a parody Trump Twitter tweet and #2 is a real Trump Twitter tweet. That’s right, the President of the United States tweeted out a video of him singing the Green Acres theme song. How did my wife know? She selected the dumber of the two tweets as being from the real Trump Twitter account. That was her reasoning. Follow the dumb to find the real Trump.

In case you want to view the full video of the Green Acres theme destruction, try this link …

If you read this blog post and watched that video, you are now officially dumber.