Watch Your P’s & Q’s

But especially those Q’s! The QAnon people (known as Q’s) are a subset of Trump supporters. They get their inside info from an anonymous source they call Q. Q tells them that the Deep State is actively working to subvert Trump, but Trump will triumph on … get ready for this … December 5th. Ta-da! Oh wait, it’s already December 6th. This is the point in the show where the magician can’t seem to find the rabbit that was supposed to get pulled from his hat.




Yep, the Q followers should be em-bear-assed for all the ‘lion’ that Q does.


It’s a shame that all their memes will go to waste. Like this mysterious, scary one …


Oooooh, terrifying. The QAnon people wouldn’t know truth if it avalanched on them. Is it OK to use avalanche as a verb?

And this trying-to-be funny one that is actually irreverent and inappropriate …


I did my part to make their stupid D5 come true. I turned myself in to authorities as a part of the Deep State that was subverting Trump. I admit it. In fact, I relish the opportunity to do so. I was immediately released after being told I was not deep enough, and definitely not at all stately.

Maybe they will want me back if there is another D5-type event in the future. Maybe there will be a J5 to make the Q’s wet dream come true. If there is a J5, I hope that stands for Jackson 5, because I want them back. Wow, that was a stretch, but a good song. Enjoy!