Penning a Classic

I received this pen as a gift last summer.


Maybe I should clarify. This pen was given to me at a summer party last year because the owner threw up in his mouth every time he looked at it. I gladly grabbed it. The 8 sayings are listed on the back …

Trump Pen Back

Those are so 2017. Some of those sayings still apply, but how about these new ones?

  • Witch hunt!
  • No collusion!
  • Paul Manafort worked for me for a very short time.
  • Michael Cohen is a rat.

I’m looking forward to hearing either one of these two in 2019.

  • I plead guilty.
  • I resign.

I will admit that this pen is very authentic. First, take a look at where it was made.

Trump Pen Back China - Copy

That’s just so Trump. The only way it could be more authentic is if it was Made in Russia.

I think they really caught the spirit of Trump’s hair with this pen.

Trump Pen Head Hair

The only thing I don’t like is the thought of pushing down on Trump’s hair whether it is the pen’s fake plastic hair or Trump’s fake real hair.

Trump Pen Hair

But talk about authentic! Take a look at the top of Trump’s head.

Trump Pen Head Holes

I’m not sure if the holes in Trump’s actual head are that symmetrical, but they surely exist.