Happiness Is – Edition #1

In the midst of all this political rancor and contention, I feel the need to spread some good news in the world. In the spirit of good vibrations and karma, I am pleased to start what should be a weekly series called Happiness Is as part of this blog. I will focus on something positive that makes me, and possibly you but I am mostly concerned with me, happy. So without further ado, I am pleased to offer up the first edition of Happiness Is.

For me, Happiness Is a big bowl of these …

black raspberries

That’s right, a big bowl of black raspberries that I just picked, not to be confused with The Raspberries featuring Eric Carmen.

raspberries eric carmen

Then you say, “Why would we confuse a 1970’s singing group with a bowl of berries.”

I reply, “It was a joke.”

You say, “Not a very funny one.”

I respond, “If you think that’s unfunny, you ain’t heard nothing yet.”

You say, “Those look like blackberries anyway.”

I correct, “Well, they are black raspberries, not blackberries.”

You say, “Raspberries are supposed to be red, and these look black, so they must be blackberries.”

I explain, “Raspberries come in several different colors, and the raspberry and blackberry are two very different types of fruit.”

You say, “Well, they look like blackberries to me.”

I retort, “Well, you are starting to look like an effin’ moron to me.”

You say, “Oh yeah, I guess a liberal snowflake like you should know a lot about fruits.”

I counter, “Ah hah! I knew you were a Trumpkin.”


Editorial Note: We regret that the Happiness Is series of blog posts has been canceled.




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