Reunite & ICE

We had a genuine, official MoveOn Families Belong Together rally in our sleepy little Chicago suburb today. Can you guess which sign I made?

signs reunite.JPG

If you chose the crappy looking one on the right that you thought may have taken me 5 minutes to make, award yourself 10 points. But then deduct 5 points because it really took me only 3 minutes.

The rally was so close to our house that we could have walked. It was bloody hot and humid today, so we drove. However, there were many more people at the rally than expected, and I had to park so far away that it may have been closer walking from home.

People were on every corner of a major intersection in our town holding their colorfully decorated and clever, or crappy in my case, signs. I think this was my favorite sign, although not from our rally.

FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch sign

I also saw this Trump Sandwich t-shirt and have to get one.

Trump sandwich


I was super proud of my town and our area for the big, peaceful turnout, despite the heat. Did I mention how hot it was? It was so hot that we are supposedly in something the weather people are calling the Ring of Fire.

ring of fire.jpg

Despite the heat, people showed up in droves. As previously mentioned, we showed up after we drove.

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As we rallied and chanted, we became honking whores. All we wanted were honks from passing motorists. Those honks kept us going in the heat. We also accepted waves, but we really wanted honks.

I really got thirsty as I looked at my sign with “Reunite” on it. I couldn’t help remembering the Riunite On Ice commercials from the last century. They were catchy. Just watch.

Too bad the wine-makers didn’t spell Reunite correctly. It is also sad that the words “Reunite” and “ICE” are back together again, and this time it is not nice.