G7 Summit Highlights

The current leader of the free world, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asks Donald Trump if colored pictures would help him understand the material presented at the G7 Summit. Meanwhile, a walrus inexplicably appears over Trump’s right shoulder.

G7 Merkel

Trump has no need for colored pictures to aid in his reading comprehension when his solution is to simply not read. Walrus continues lurking close by.

G7 Trump smirking

Trump arrives late for the G7 Summit Gender Equality breakfast speech after it has started. Hmmm, too much morning tweeting perhaps?

U.S. President Trump arrives at a G7 and Gender Equality Advisory Council meeting as part of a G7 summit in the Charlevoix city of La Malbaie

Chancellor Merkel appears unimpressed with Trump’s explanation for his tardiness that the hookers couldn’t break a hundred.

g7 trump gender

French President Emmanuel Macron plays the Trump handshake game when meeting Trump at the G7.

G7 trump macron handshake1

Macron sure made an impression, literally, on Trump.

G7 trump-macron-handshake

I think we can declare a winner in the Trump handshake game and it is not Trump.

G7 trump macron handshake3

I think my favorite G7 moment was when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented Trump with a framed picture of Trump’s grandfather’s Canadian hotel & brothel. Now that’s trolling that is well done.

G7 trump grandfather