Circle Back to Racism

I just love the circular logic in this Trump tweet …

Trump Tweet food stamps

So if we take away people’s food stamps and make participation in the program more difficult, less people use food stamps. Brilliant! I cannot dispute that logical argument that is nothing more than chasing your logical tail. However, I think it is a bit of a reach to say that A (taking away people’s food stamps) resulted in B (more employment). Maybe the last line should read … The American people are finally hungry!

I would prefer to see a similar tweet like this …

Trump Tweet assault rifles

Until that happens, we will continue to see tweets of prayers and condolences from Trump for the latest mass shooting, like his Waffle House tweet …

Oh wait, Trump didn’t tweet about that. He tweeted about his man crush for French President Macron. Hey, here’s a riddle:

  • Q: What do you call close friends of President Macron?
  • A: Macronies.

Let’s see, Trump also tweeted about NBC newsman Chuck Todd having sleepy eyes.  He eructated up “Witch Hunt” again. And he blurted “WALL.” After the WALL, I was waiting for “What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” Apologies to the late, great Edwin Starr.

But no Waffle House mass shooting mention. Why? Easy.

  • It involves a gun, duh. How’s that for me putting 2 & 2 together?
  • The gun used was an AR-15 assault rifle.
  • The hero who disarmed the shooter was black and unarmed.
  • The 4 victims were unarmed minorities.
  • The shooter is white.
  • The shooter has ties to white supremacy.
  • The shooter was arrested for trying to meet with Donald Trump at the White House.

Trump always tells us that he is the least racist person there is. The Trump doth protest too much, methinks. And now my apologies go out to Mr. William Shakespeare for getting him mixed up in this blog post.