Staying Inn Tonight

I’ve hit the road again, but I feel so decadent staying at the hotel I’m at tonight. No, it’s not this one …

Hotel projections shithole

But I am breeding a whole colony of bedbugs just in case I ever have the opportunity to stay there. No Trump dump for me. But there is a specific reason I feel so decadent tonight.

The reason I feel so decadent is that my hotel for tonight does not have a number in its name


Nope, no numbers for me tonight. In fact, I’m not even at a hotel or motel. I’m at an “Inn & Suites.” Three words: Ooh. La. La.  Although I do fear it has gone to the dogs.


It is a decent place, but I did get stuck in the pool area for a couple hours as I searched for the red button.

Red button

I only wish that Trump’s red nuclear button was just as hard to find.


I’m leaving in the morning, heading to a new place to stay for tomorrow night. Even though today was the national holiday for Dr Martin Luther King Day, tomorrow night will feel like a Holiday to me as I stay at yet another Inn.




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