Bang! Zoom! Right to the Moon!

Remember when Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden routinely threatened his character’s wife Alice on the old Honeymooners TV show with punching her to the moon? How times have changed.

To the moon

I certainly don’t remember that. You don’t think I’m that old, do you? Although how about that Art Carney as Ed Norton? He was hilarious, or so I’m told.

Well, now Donald Trump is reviving the old Ralph Kramden trick.

He’s threatening to send us back to the moon. Why? I think simply because President Barack Obama did not want to send us back to the moon, but on to explore Mars. It’s kind of like Obama supporting renewable energy, so Trump pushes coal. Maybe the new moon rockets will be coal-powered? So today, Trump signed Space Directive 1 to relaunch our efforts to send Americans back to the barren wasteland known as the moon that we have already first explored 45 years ago.


There doesn’t seem to be any scientific reason to head back to the moon. I think there are some ulterior motives for Trump’s desire to send Americans to the moon. I think this guy will be the first to go and ASAP …

Mueller walking



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