I Spent Last Evening With a Kennedy

In my youth, I would have wished to spend a pleasant evening with Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK.  I grew up with her, albeit at a distance geographically and socially. We were born 4 days apart. I felt bad when she lost her dad at a young age, and then I lost my dad shortly thereafter at a similarly young age. She was a major babe when I was a major dude and I majorly crushed on her for years. Oh, did I forget to mention that she was a wealthy Kennedy? That may have played a small role (or bank roll) in my feelings. But rather than Caroline, the Kennedy I spent last night with was …

Caroline’s cousin, Chris Kennedy, son of RFK.

Chris Kennedy

Story of my life, but at least he does seem like a genuinely good guy.

Illinois is a mess as a state. Our Republican Governor can’t work with our Democratic legislature to even agree on a budget. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner campaigned as a businessman that would run Illinois like a business, and he is. He’s running Illinois like a bankrupt Trump casino.

We have a gubernatorial election in Illinois in 2018. By the way, why “gubernatorial?” Why not “governal?” I could certainly understand “goobernatorial” for a backward state like Indiana that spawned an ex-Governor (ex-Goobernor?) like Mike Pence. But we deserve a governal election in Illinois.

Anyway, Chris Kennedy is running as a Democratic candidate for Governor in the state of Illinois. I am now a Democratic Precinct Committeman (DPCITTAPOSC8 is my official title acronym), and Kennedy was speaking at my first official meeting I attended as a public servant. I was excited to have the potential future Governor of Illinois at my first meeting where I was sure I would be sworn into office, initiated, and possibly subjected to some good-natured, progressive hazing, like taxing me on the money I had in my pocket and using it for healthcare for the disabled. You never know what those wacky progressives have up their sleeves! For whatever reason, I was completely overlooked as all attention seemed to be focused on the potential next Governor of Illinois. Huh, go figure.

I have vowed to overlook the hopefully unintentional slight, and will continue with my duties as DPCITTAPOSC8 once someone tells me what the heck my duties are. The only duty I am certain of is that I have to march in next year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in my hometown.

I am glad to be a part of a movement that is seemingly growing bigger each day. The crowd was overflowing and we had to move to a larger room. Enthusiasm was high. Reports were read that more Democratic Precinct Committee People are being added throughout this normally Republican county. Get a bigger float ready for the parade next year!

I did not come away from my evening with a Kennedy sold on supporting Chris for Governor, although he seems like a great guy and potentially excellent candidate. He still seemed to be getting his campaign legs underneath him early in the campaign, and he will have lots of challenges in the Democratic primary from some good candidates. I want to hear from them, too. I’m not looking for a miracle worker, although we may need one after another year of Bruce Rauner. I’m looking for a good person with an anti-Trump and anti-Rauner persona and agenda. I just want a Governor that can Make Illinois Great Again. Oh no, what have I just written?!


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