Trump Needs a Staff Plumber

Warning: This is not one of my humorous (some would say hilarious) fake Trump tweets. Do not feign laughter so my feelings are not hurt, not that you would since it is obvious that my feelings are not that important to you. So far, no cards, texts or emails on this Valentine’s Day. Sure I’ll be yours, but you have to ask. Hmmm, somehow I got off track. Hurt feelings can really mess with a person’s mental GPS. Anyway, this is a real Trump tweet from today …trump-tweet-leaks

3 words for Trump: ASK.  YOUR.  STAFF.





2 thoughts on “Trump Needs a Staff Plumber

  1. I really did not think of my post as a slimeball move. I am offended. And today of all days, on Valentine’s Day, with no valentines for me. Oh, maybe you meant Trump. Yes, I agree, but am still lacking valentines.


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