Honest, Abe becomes Hostage Abe


In an unexpected development, Donald Trump is holding Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe hostage on Air Force One.

Trump has threatened the PM with another uncomfortably long and awkward handshake if Trump’s demands are not met.


Abe can roll his eyes all he wants,


but he should know that those Trump handshakes can often lead to more …


Trump is demanding that Japan helps balance the US trade deficit by buying more Detroit-made gas guzzling cars.


Prime Minister Abe’s office released this official statement: “While Prime Minister Abe is a valuable member of the Japanese government, Japan cannot afford to make the mistake of buying more fuel inefficient vehicles made in the USA. On his trip to the USA, Prime Minister Abe has seen firsthand the result of a nation as a whole making a recent terrible mistake, and he has advised that Japan not do the same.”

Team Trump has advised that PM Abe will he held on Air Force One and fed KFC until he capitulates to Trump’s demands.


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