Trump TV Debuts … sort of

Maybe we have been given a glimpse into the future as the withering Trump Presidential campaign has launched a nightly Facebook Live 30 minute show. This may be a ghastly peek into what Trump TV will look like after the Orangetan gets clobbered in the November general election. The problem for the Trump team is not just the content, which so far is horrifying, although not any different than the normal Trump campaign speech or debate, but that there are hundreds of new Facebook Live shows launched daily that are similar in content.

An average of 3, 472 (and growing) thirteen year olds broadcast on Facebook Live daily. The content is eerily similar to the Trump broadcasts … disjointed rants with fabricated “facts” that rail against how life is rigged against the broadcaster. Trump TV on Facebook Live has about as much chance of success as 13 year old Johnny who wants the Facebook Live world to know just how much it sucks that the school cafeteria offers fish sticks every Friday, even though fish cause cancer! It’s a fact! Crooked fish!

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