Election Audibles

Although Eli Manning of the New York Giants later denied it, he was definitely caught on video calling a Trump audible during this weekend’s football game. Take a listen for yourself …

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots admitted that they have both Trump and Clinton audibles in their game plan. I think it is clever to use the candidate’s names, but maybe a bit predictable.

A Trump audible should mean that the play is headed to the far right after grabbing the center’s ass.

Stein would indicate a play headed to the far left, off the screen and completely out of the public’s view.

Clinton would be a play right up the middle, maybe just a wee bit to the left of the center.

Johnson would mean that the quarterback would run around like a madman behind the line, losing ground, shouting and wasting time.

McMullin would be a very special play where the quarterback is rendered completely invisible, unless the game is played in Utah.



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