Open Water Swimming Was Open – Part 2 – The Temptation

As I teased in my last post, I was tempted after my swim last Saturday. Being America’s Friend, I was speaking to a total stranger despite the stranger wearing very tight shorts and sporting a somewhat satanic beard.

I was also wearing very tight swim shorts, and they were quite wet. We were both standing just outside the women’s locker room. And then the stranger tempted me to do something I haven’t done in years. He slipped me his card with his contact info. If I gave in to the temptation, I would meet the stranger again on the 1st of August for a dalliance into what I can only describe for me as … forbidden fruit.

The stranger had tempted me with this irresistible offer.

I had done bike/run biathlons in the past, but never a swim/run biathlon. I had to give it a try. I had just a bit over 2 weeks to get into running shape to run/walk a 5K race after I come out of the water dead last after a 500 meter swim. I have flexible knee braces I would use for both legs. With a bit of luck, I wouldn’t experience any knee glitches that would inflate my knee to an uncomfortable size accompanied by equally uncomfortable pain.

It was all I could think about as I drove home. I could do this. I could finish. I could definitely finish dead last. I am not a fast swimmer, and if I run/walk a 5K race, my chances for last would be good. The bruise to my ego for coming in dead last could be assauged by the prize they award to the last place finisher.

But my knees have had a good 2021, much better than 2020. No glitches so far. No pain and no swelling in 2021. Why would I want to risk knee pain and swelling for a chance to come in last in a meaningless race? I never thought I’d admit that I’d never run again, but I finally came to the conclusion that my running shoes are now officially walking shoes.

I called the diabolical stranger from earlier that day, and before he could even answer, I shouted, “Begone, Satan” and hung up. The temptation was over as was my running career, finally and mercifully, once and for all.

Where did I come up with such a clever line like, “Begone, Satan?” Well, it is featured in a most excellent book. No, not the Bible. My book!

The 12 year old main character in my short story titled “A Monkee to Die For” utters a similar phrase, “Begone, Tommy” to a dark tempter. Click this link to buy my book, read it, and maybe you will pick up a phrase to help rid yourself of your own personal demons. Tempting, isn’t it?


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