Good & Bad Food News

As you know, rather than trying to gain weight to lose weight, I’m back to trying to lose weight to lose weight. I know, it’s complicated. Read the links. I was both encouraged and discouraged with the following food news.

FREE Donuts for Everyone?

This is really a shot to my weight loss bow. I love donuts as well as doughnuts. No matter how you spell them, I will eat them. Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts for the rest of 2021 to all those that are COVID-19 vaccinated. Take a look …

I’m halfway there as of this week. We used to have a Krispy Kreme in town, but the good news for my diet is that their location in town closed. The closest Krispy Kreme to me is a 40 minute drive away. I can’t be tempted by a free donut to drive that far.

But there is some bad news, too. Krispy Kreme is rewarding anti-vaxxers!

Not getting vaccinated is NOT a personal decision. It is a public decision. By not getting vaccinated, anti-vaxxers continue to be COVID spreaders and dangers to themselves and others. Get vaccinated and get FREE donuts every day rather than just on Mondays for 2 months. And here’s a tip for those that are vaccinated … stay away from the anti-vaxxers at Krispy Kreme locations on Mondays. Gross.

Extra Protein!

This guy got some shrimp tails in his Cinammon Toast Crunch cereal.

The weird thing is that this guy thinks this is bad news. This is GREAT news. Besides getting some delicious cereal, you are also getting some added protein. Sign me up.

For whatever it’s worth, this guy who got bonus shrimp with his cereal is also married to the actress who played Topanga in Boy Meets World.

Free Weed!

Not dying from COVID-19 should be reason enough to get vaccinated. Then add in free donuts. And then, if you are so inclined, get some free pot if you are in these areas …

Bottom line … get vaccinated. Even if you are convinced that this whole pandemic and these vaccines are part of a diabolical plan of Dr. Fauci to trick rednecks into wearing masks and getting ouchie-boo boos on their arms, the free stuff is worth it.