Hit Me with Your Best Shot!

Today’s blog title is a fun song along with my theme song from yesterday. I definitely got my best shot in a long time. I got my Fauci ouchie, Trump tonic, Biden booster, or whatever you want to call it based on your political leanings. I got the COVID vaccine, or at least shot #1 of 2. They gave me the brand that begins with a P. Now, what was that name again? Something like Placebo, I think. That’s why I’m smiling so much in this pic …

Once I get shot #2, I will then have the super power of immortality, although I’m not sure I have the cash reserves to support my lavish lifestyle for an eternity. My wife is fully vaccinated, so she already is immortal besides her other super power, which is the ability to discern the ending of every movie or TV show we watch. If I don’t want to or can’t finish watching a show, rather than record it, I just ask my wife what’s going to happen. It’s a big timesaver.

I really wasn’t in the groups that qualified for the COVID vaccine, but my healthcare provider offered it, so I grabbed an appointment. Maybe there’s something they know about my health that they’re not telling me. I was vaccinated in a hospital by qualified personnel, and it didn’t hurt one bit. I had some soreness in my shoulder last night, but it is much better today. When the shot is offered to you, take it.

I have a neighbor who headed west to a food & drug store in rural Illinois to snare a COVID shot appointment. She told me that the jab itself hurt like hell. That’s what happens when remote, rural drug stores hire “former” heroin addicts to vaccinate people because they are “good with needles.”

Circling back to the music, your health (and possible immortality) is as the Rolling Stones promise in “Gimme Shelter.” It’s just a shot away.


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