DIY Masks

Healthcare workers and hospitals need masks. They are desperate for any masks to protect themselves and patients from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Fo NOT use this one though.

Trump mask

Too scary.

A dear friend sent me instructions on how to make my own masks from old cotton tee shirts. Seemed like too much work for me when my old cotton underwear could work just as well. First, I tried this look with a pair of boxers and a shoelace …


I decided it was too hijabby. So I moved on to briefs.


So that kind of works, but it was a bit unstable, which seems appropriate for me and my head.

I literally tried a different twist on the briefs and came up with this …


With the “horns” that resulted, it looked a little too satanic to me. Maybe a different color would help.

I regret I didn’t find a perfect fit, but I mostly regret that I used underwear from the hamper and not from my drawer.

In all seriousness, if you want to help provide masks, donate to Mad Dog PAC. They are taking a break from resisting Trump. They have turned their energies to buying masks and donating them to hospitals. Donate HERE.



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