48 > 50

We have a problem in the USA much bigger than Donald Trump, and that’s an awful big one. We have 2 Senators each coming from states with fewer people than many cities have. I’m talking about you Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota. Most of those Senators are Republican. There is absolutely no reason for us to have 4 states that are so lightly populated, and no reason to have so many Republican Senators representing those states. Our map now looks like this …


The solution is simple …

The states of Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota are easily combined into 1 giant state called Sourth Damontaming. Still not a lot of people. It would have a total population ranked in the bottom half of all states, tucked in between Connecticut’s and Utah’s population totals.

us-states-map revised

But maybe we don’t want an odd number of 47 states. Hello, Puerto Rico as state #48 and 2 more Democratic Senators!

But what do we do about the 50 star flags? I’m good with still using them, and I think most Democrats will be, too. 50 star flags will serve as a reminder that we did the right thing in creating Sourth Damontaming. And as for Trump MAGAts? Do you really think they will be able to tell the difference between 48 or 50 stars? Yes? This MAGA lover?

Maga women tattoo

Still confident? Maybe this loyal Republican will convince you otherwise.

Trump Supporter Pledge

It’s February. We’re considering vacation spots for the summer. I hear it’s beautiful in Sourth Damontaming in June.