A Questionable Record

No, the title of this post does not refer to the Trump Administration. If it did, the title would be “A Criminal Record.” This post is about clearing out some of my old records with a focus on my religious albums. Although a “criminal record” definitely would apply to Trump campaign ally George Nader who we saw earlier this month pleading guilty to more child porn charges.


Maybe, Greg. Wasn’t one stretch in a Czech prison on child porn charges enough for Nader? Who knows how many in the Trump administration would approve? How about these guys?


Trump may or may not have been involved with sex with underage children. That story is slowly grinding through the courts. But Trump is definitely all for using women, although not in the way these women imagined.


Too much using will lead to this.


And after that, this may be the result.


A little dummy, just like Trump. And eventually that child of plastic and wood can grow up to be …


And that brings us back to Trump as Putin’s puppet.

Putin Puppet

No, Vlad! The strings, the strings. Hold the strings, not the underwear. Ugh! I guess dictators gonna be dicks.

Full disclosure is that I owned none of those albums, but someone did and probably still does. Be very afraid.