My Brain May Be Melting

We don’t subscribe to movie channels with our cable subscription. Every once in a while when the stars align properly, we get free HBO for a few days. I record a bunch of movies, and we watch some of them until the next time we get free HBO. It’s a perfect system, except so many of the movies suck. I use the Rotten Tomatoes website to sort the viewable from the unwatchable.

I recorded Rock the Kasbah from 2015 starring Bill Murray because, well, I love Bill Murray and most everything he has ever done. I didn’t see the movie when it was released, because I heard it was terrible. And this did not look at all promising per Rotten Tomatoes …

Rock the Kasbah

8% of movie critics liked it. 8%. That is one of the lowest scores I have ever seen. Sure, the audience score jumps up 20 points, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of that 28%. That 28% enjoys getting change back after buying popcorn. That 28% is thrilled when they find a half-full old popcorn container under their seat. That 28% sings along to the movie trailers, even when there is no music. And you know who that 28% voted for in 2016. I did NOT want to be part of that 28%.

But sadly, I am. I blame my melting brain. I enjoyed Bill Murray being goofy. Just look at him.

bill murray

For a moment, I thought perhaps this was Bill Murray’s remake of Bettlejuice.


And speaking of eye make-up, I enjoyed seeing Zoey Deschanel’s running.



Am I the only one who finds the raccoon look attractive?

And then there’s Kate Hudson as Bill Murray’s scantily-clad love interest. Sure, that sounds unrealistic, but she definitely is easy on the eyes.

Kate Hudson

The movie itself is a sprawling, uneven mess, but the bottom line true story of an Afghan girl who broke societal and religious norms to sing on Afghan television touched me. Maybe it was the Cat Stevens song she sang at the end of the movie that did it.

Or maybe my brain is melting and that is what was leaking out from my eyes.