Another Edition of Twitter Pics

Twitter is a rich mélange of conspiracy theories, breaking news, cat videos (thanks, Thomas Edison), and some wild pics, some of which I will share with you today … because I’m too lazy to do a real blog post.

Here’s a disturbing one …

Trump Boat.PNG

I guess that heading is a grammatically-flawed QAnon conspiracy nutjob group saying. Grammar aside, what bothered me more is the image, with Trump being guided by … Jared Leto?

Jared leto jesus

For my own well-being, I needed to fix the image just a bit …

Trump Boat Titanic

That’s better. Why do Trump supporters like graphics like this? Probably because that image is a lot cooler than anything they can create, like this sign …

Trump Supporter Pledge

That sign explains a lot. I can’t blame him too much for the sign if that’s the best he can do, but how about wearing a real shirt to cover up the nipple and C-cup side-boob? And speaking of boobs, we sent our own to the recent United Nations General Assembly meeting to show off her boob job.

Ivanka Trump UNGA

I heard she brought up a couple good points at the meeting. Can someone please give her a sweater, or hang a couple off those? And why is she wearing an apron dress?

I’ll mercifully end this post with a sign of the times, supposedly seen in the Library of Congress cafeteria.

Library of Congress Cafeteria.JPG

I smell some photoshopping, but it’s still fun. If it is real, there’s no chance of Trump ever seeing this epic trolling since it is in a library.