My Current Brush With Greatness

This is a post with electrical humor, starting with the title. Current, get it? If you do, immediately increase your meds. I could make a case for ‘brush’ in the title also being part of the electrical humor, since the allegedly great person I met yesterday discussed with me the merits of brushed vs. brushless DC electrical motors. Well, that last sentence should have ferreted out all the casual blog browsers. Good riddance! For those that remain reading, here is the guy I met yesterday in my brush with greatness …

Electric Heat

No, not Thomas Edison, famous for the world’s first cat video. Oh, you say you didn’t know that Edison invented cat videos? Well, take a look at what passed for boxing cats in the 19th century …

Of course, cat boxing is still popular today. Here’s one of today’s top cat boxers doing some training on the speed bag.

Cat boxing bag.gif

Anyway, I didn’t meet Thomas Edison yesterday. I think he was busy filming more strippers.

Wow, those old guys in the theater sure got a charge out of that act. *sigh* Another dubious electrical pun.

My brush with greatness yesterday was meeting the grandson of Albert Leroy Marsh, the inventor of electric heat. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, think of it this way … he invented toast.

mind blown

I should probably stop right here after a funny Kramer gif, but I will reluctantly plod forward with my electrical jokes.

Simon cowell

I told my wife about meeting the grandson of the inventor of electric heat who is a real live wire. I thought she would find it hot, but she responded negatively. I felt powerless. She tried to amp me up again by switching her story and saying it was cool. She left me positively glowing.

Well, if you made it this far, that last paragraph has to be a giant letdown. At least you got to see a cat boxing a dog’s testicles.




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